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Nencia the Renaissance Vampire OOAK Art Doll LuLu Lancaster

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She was told by the witches to drink 1 juiced mandrake twice a day for a week to cure her vampirism. It didn't work ;)
Nencia is approx. 14" height not including her hat cones ;) She has wired limbs and can hold a pose. She wears several silk fabrics in beautiful jewel tones of orange and rust and a bluish grey dupioni. Vintage soutache braids wrap her silk hair combs along with vintage braided trim. Tiny faux pearls adorn the cones along with silk gauze that hangs from each. Many vintage trims of soutache, loop and braid adorn her costuming. Her shoes are created from silk as well. Her mandrakes are approx. 6" length with wired limbs and are needle felted. Vintage velvet millinery sprouts from their heads ;)
She travels with a customized doll stand. 


❥Other items and or dolls shown in photographs are for prop purposes only and are not included❁ Unless stated above. 

**Not intended as a child’s plaything. For decoration and collection only. My sculptures are created for Display, they are not meant to be played with.
I use no molds or patterns in my creations. This is an original Sculpt.

*Art Doll has been hand sculpted from polymer clay. Her clothes are hand sewn from new and found vintage fabrics. Her eyes are hand created by me, they are unique and shine like glass.



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